YMCA Bangalore


YMCA Bangalore

The organization as a whole continues its service to people at large on the basis of the following aims and objectives.

  • Co-existence of people to grow as a family with love, compassion, peace and justice based on the example of Jesus Christ, the centre of YMCA's objective. Thus the local YMCA transitioned through times meeting the needs of young people, men, women & children in crises empowering them to live life in its fullness as responsible and responsive community in the society.

  • Based on the above aims & objectives the YMCA Bangalore continues to serve the people of the city in the areas of providing solace to the children & women in crises, young people are given leadership training and are empowered; Youth have been given a true understanding of Secularism & ethos, people of the city are given awareness on the importance of preservation of greenery and healthy water resources; rural children are given authenticated school education exposure beginning from 1st to 10th standard.
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Our Activities

  • Save Bangalore Movement-Environment Group/Youth Issues

  • YMCA college of physical education

  • YMCA cricket academy

  • YMCA computer Academy

  • YMCA International Programme Centre & Guest House